Offshore Business Formation & Services

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Services provided by our Offshore Business Formations division!

Offshore Services for Individuals & Expats

    • Apostille & Notary Services 
    • Asset Protection Services 
    • Banking Services
      Those wishing to Open a Financial Account overseas
    • Brokerage Services
      Those wishing to Open a Brokerage Account overseas
    • Legal Service of Process
      Service of legal documents in another country
    • Tax & Compliance Services
    • Formation Services
      Looking to form a Business in another country.
      below listed business services may also apply.
    • Real Estate Sales & Acquisitions Non-Commercial
      Purchase or sell Real Estate in another country
    • Businesses acquisition / disposition  - Commercial
      Purchase or Sell Businesses in another country 
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Offshore Business Services For Businesses Clients 
Employing in-house or other legal counsel

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping Services 
  • Business Advisory Services
  • Apostille & Notary Services 
  • Asset Protection Services
  • Auditing Services
  • Banking Services
  • Businesses Acquisition / Dispositions
    Offshore Acquisitions / Dispositions
  • Business Agreements / Contracts
  • Brokerage Services
  • Business Address use
  • Commercial Real Estate 
    Offshore Acquisitions / Dispositions
  • Development Services
  • Employee Leasing & Training
  • Formation Services
  • Import / Export Services
  • Legal & Paralegal Services
  • Legal Advisory Services
  • Legal Service of Process 
  • Mail Forwarding Services
  • Managerial Services
  • Maritime / Admiralty Law
  • Nominee Director Services
  • Nominee Officer Services
  • Non-Commercial Real Estate
    Offshore Acquisitions / Dispositions
  • Online Gaming Registration / Development
    Including Regulation and Managerial
  • Online Privacy & Security Services
  • Office Rental & Leasing
  • Payroll Services
  • Registered / Resident Agent Services
  • Tax Compliance Services
    According to U.S. GAAP
    General Accepted Accounting Principles
  • Tax Preparation Services
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        The above services may be used for those wishing to do business or undergo transactions in locations; other than those under US control (USA, US Territories and other). 

         Services may also be used for those who are located in another country wishing to develop US business interests; with ability to do business within the USA including Banking and other necessary services.  This may include use of Office Address, Mail Forwarding, Banking Services, Nominee Officer or Director; or LLC (Limited Liability Company) Managerial Services.  Including formation and managerial related matters with Corporations or otherwise in order to do so; as well as keeping abreast with tax and other necessary governmental obligations.  May include Board and otherwise meetings and managerial oversight  Many options exist under this matter.  Contact us

KYC (Know Your Client) Requirements
Business & Individual Clients 

        To combating corruption, money laundering, tax evasion, or others; and for the overall prevention of illicit activities, or for eliminating the potential for such activities, the Corporation applies what are known as KYC (Know your Client) requirements for Business & individual Clients utilizing our services.  Failure to comply with KYC policies, or necessary information requests; may result in immediate termination of services.

  • All pages on our website are secure
  • All submissions are held in strict confidence
  • We use Secure Email Services based in Switzerland
  • We use Secure Cloud Services based in Switzerland
  • We maintain strict privacy and ethical considerations
  • We strictly vet all clients we do business with
  • We continue vetting clients during our relationship

            In example:  Vetting, we examine with internal KYC procedures clients we do business with and continually apply internal KYC during our relationship. At times we may request clients provide us with additional information on KYC inquiry.  Failing to comply with information requests; which pertain to internal KYC policies, may result in immediate cancellation of all services.   Many of which may not be refunded for failure to comply with KYC requirements.  If we find out during the course of a relationship with a Client that they have misled us into believing matters that was not true; we may immediately cancel services. Many of which may not be refunded for failure to provide us with valid information during the course of a KYC inquiry.


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