Diwaya Non-Profit Donations

Make a Cash Donation to Diwaya Humanitarian News Non-Profit Corporation
with the product link shown here. You may also support the Non-Profit as shown below. 

Diwaya Humanitarian News Non Profit Corporation
Not Just Stones Store

“Diwaya Humanitarian News is not about reporting news, it is about making it.”  BC Business Services Inc. handles all donations for this company!

You can support Diwaya in one of four ways

1.  Purchase products from Not Just Stones - All Profits support the Non-Profit
2.  Make a Cash Donation to Diwaya Humanitarian with the product link below.
3.  Email BCBSINC@Protonmail.com to make a donation
4.  Send a Donation Payable to: 

Diwaya Humanitarian News Non-Profit Corporation
1310 South Vista Avenue Ste 27
Boise, Idaho  83705

Please note "Charitable Donation" on the check or otherwise.  Keep your check or otherwise as proof of your donation.  If you would like us to add your name to our list of donor's which may be included on our Website, please indicate that.  Also include an email when you send your check, so that we may contact you.  Your support and donations are greatly appreciated!

Safety; peace and happiness to you and yours!

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