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For Business Accounts Only - We do not at this time, provide Mail Fowarding Services for Individuals.
We do however, provide tax and other services for them, including for Expats and othes. See below for what we mean by Businesses

If you need a Registered Agent as well, see our Registered Agent Services which includes optional mail forwarding services that may be ordered. 

You may begin using the address noted below once you order the services. But if payment has not yet been made, we may cancel it at any time. So please do not delay in making payments.  You may but are not required to also include a Postage retainer for forwarded mail and otherwise. 

We suggest at least $50.00 though you may add what you would like. We may also use this to accept COD delivery and otherwise. Upon cancellation or termination of Agreement, any balance remaining in the account will be sent back to the Client.  

Idaho Mail Fowarding Agreements, run from the time ordered until the time noted.  Once ordered, the Client may immediately begin using BC Business Services with the address noted below for its mail forwarding, use on business cards, fliers, advertisement and otherwise. Subject to the terms of noted agreement shown below.  

Use the following address to ensure delivery of mail

Your Company Name
1310 S Vista Ave Ste 27-00
Boise ID USA   83705

We are not responsible for issues with delivering of mail from the Post Office or other carriers. We suggest you put in a change of mailing address with the Post office and others to ensure proper delivery. Limit 1 Business per account. Business must be registgered with a State or other Govermental Body, or country, or you are forming one using our address for the filings. 

We may require additional confirmation documents as noted under the Agreement.  Agreements take effect, once service is ordered. 

A business means the following

DBA, Sole Proprietorship, S Corp, C Corp, Non Profit, Single Member LLC, Multiple Member LLC, Partnership, Trust, Estate, Real Estate Investment Trust, Individual IRA, Business IRA, S.A., and others of a foreign or domestic type nature.

The telephone number for the clients record : 
1-503-330-7544 USA

Please contact us if you have questions, need to change contact information, address, or otherwise need to update matters. Terms relating to this services is found here:   See Client AgreementsIdaho USA Mail Forwarding Services Agreement  (Opens in New Window for Downloading).

* Agreements take effect, once service is ordered

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