Client Agreements

These Agreements relate to services that we offer to all new clients as well as miscellaneous matters that may affect a relationship with the client, including security and other protocols that we have implemented. 

All Agreements are subject to change at any time and take effect immediately upon posting to this website.  If you have an agreement in place however, that you received, that may differ than the ones noted under this section; then your Agreement will be the one that takes precedence when it comes to matters regarding the services you signed up for or to which the Agreement thereby relates. 

All Agreements may be printed off for your convenience, and when you order our services, we will also provide you with the associated Agreement in force at the time, that applies at the time of your order.  For questions, or concerns, where it relates to your services and order, please refer to those documents as these agreements noted under this Section, except for general security or other protocols pertain to new orders only.  

Thank you. 

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