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Apostille Services

Apostille Services for Businesses & Individuals

If you are looking for Apostille Certifications Services, please review the information below. Currently we only handle Apostille services for the State of Idaho.

Apostille Costs
1st Apostille :   $120.00
Each Additional if Done with the First 1:  $60.00
(2nd or more must be done at the same time the 1st one is)
Includes Shipping back to you in the US
Contact us for International Shipping

Notary Costs
$50.00 for the 1st Notary Signature
$25.00 each additional one
(2nd or more must be done at the same time the 1st one is)

In Notarizing any documents for an Apostille, it is vitally important that you use a professional notary to avoid problems. To avoid issues; we can have them notarized for you and the costs are listed above.

To get started

  • Include a complete copy of the Document(s) that you need an Apostille for.
  • Please include a return address where you want the Apostilled documents sent to.
  • Include the country where you will be using the Apostille.
  • If you not in the USA, or it's territories, please provide an address where you want them mailed to after the work is done.
  • Once we have reviewed the Documents and provided you with the Quote you will need to send us the Original Copy of the Document. We will return it after it is completed.

We accept Credit or Debit Cards for the work and will send you the billing after the quote is accepted.  No refunds after billing has been paid and work has begun. If we can't get the matters Apostilled for you; you will receive a full refund.

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