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Banner Ad Cost  
Public or Private Co:$300.00 year!
Governmental Cost:  $150.00 year.
Max per client: 3
50% Off 2 or more
Specs Color:  Full Color
Specs Bleeds:  w/ without bleeds
Specs Type: Horizontals
Size Max:  787x121 Pixels
Size Min:  750x120 Pixels - Minimum 96 DPI
DPI Min: 96 DPI
File Type:  JPG files

We can build you an ad.  Banner or Text. With or without full-bleeds. Our fees for banners are $150.00 per hour for Graphic Design. $75.00 for Governmental Entities. Develop Text ads, all clients; 75.00 per hour.  Color-Seps if necessary are extra as well as matters dealing with necessary bleeds; or stock photo purchases. We also have access to Photographers as well in such cases to make ads more unique.  Stock photos work for many but this is not to say you will not see another one much the same. We use QuarkXpress and other programs to create advertising. As well as Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop. Among others. 

The President of the Company was in the past employed as an Assistant Mathematician Developing PhD level texts in High-Energy Physics as well as contracting to do Magazines, Newspapers and otherwise. Equally he has been involved as a Registered Print Broker with the State of Oregon. Bidding on such jobs as the Drivers Manual.

Here is an Example of a Banner Ad that we made 787x121 Pixels 96 DPI JPG - Live Co!

Here is another that we made 750x120 Pixels 96 DPI JPG - Live Co!

Text Ad Cost
Public or Private Co:  $100.00 year
Governmental Cost:  $50.00 year.
Max per client:  3
50% Off 2 or more
Specs Type:  Text only
Hyperlinks:  Allowed with Restrictions
Hyperlinks:  1 - Headers
Font:  Verdana
Font Size Max:  14
Font Size Min: 12
Max Characters:  322 
Max Lines:  4
Must Include: Phone Number
Not Allowed: Redirects to other websites
Not Allowed:  Adult related
Paragraphs:  First letter caps
In-line Bold:  Header only
All Caps: Not allowed


BC Business Services Inc.
Global Professional Services Since 1994
Phone: 503-330-7544 - Boise Idaho USA
* New Clients 10% off Monthly Accounting for 1yr

See above; this is what links and text ads will resemble look like on the site. No bold characters in-line, no full capital based wording. No white spacing. Concise and to the point provides contact information - Must include Phone. We reserve the right to disapprove ads based on site formatting. We reserve the right to format ads, to the style of our site; if you do not approve, you may cancel!

With the exception of Governmental, No Banner or other Advertising outside the Business Directory.  All advertising except governmental, will be in the Business Directory; unless it pertains to running our company.  We may also list Governmental in the Directory as well.  For better exposure. We will place no more than one ad within any given category for the same client.  Clients may choose which Category they would like to be in, and can choose more than 1, but extra costs will apply. 

If you do not see a Category currently, please note ones interested in and we will get back with you about such matters.  At our convenience we may also list a company in more than one category at no cost to the Company; and / or feature them on our site as we see fit.  As such, there will be no extra cost for doing so.  We will randomly choose a Company; based on internal policy.

Advertising that may work well; Office Supplies, Check Providers, Attorney's, Accountants, CPA, Financial Consultants, Securities, Life Coaching, Banks, Credit Unions, Counselors, Medical, Health Clubs, Restaurants, and otherwise.  Clients are generally business clients.  Anything that may focus on business may be a very good fit for your company. 

When you email, please provide the following information: 
Use the contact form below or email BCBSINC@ProtonMail.Com

  1. Full Company Name
  2. Full Company Address
  3. State City including Zip Code
    Non-US - City and District if any
  4. Phone and contact Info
  5. Country
  6. Where business is commercially located
    Complete Address
  7. What type of entity
    PC, PLLC,S.A. ORG, Inc. DBA etc.
    If DBA included particulars
  8. Website if any 
  9. Page or pages ad will link to
  10. Ad sizes (banner or text)
  11. Concise outline of what you do
  12. Length of time in Business
  13. Category or Categories you want listed in
  14. Do you need us to design a Text Ad?
  15. Do you need us to design a Banner Ad?
  16. Budget and time frame
  17. Other comments you feel are important
  18. Graphic Design Services are extra
    Color-Seps, Photography, hard costs extra

The More information you provide to us, the better.
We will send a quote or deny placement; once we have reviewed your requirement.

If you need to send us Proofs, etc., or an example, email us at 
BCBSINC@ProtonMail.Com - We can covert most files.  Suggested Formats

Thank you!  Please cover all questions noted
Peace and Happiness to you and yours!
Global Professional Services Since 1994