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KYC (Know Your Client) Requirements
Business & Individual Clients 

        To combating corruption, money laundering, tax evasion, or others; and for the overall prevention of illicit activities, or for eliminating the potential for such activities, the Corporation applies what are known as KYC (Know your Client) requirements for Business & individual Clients utilizing our services.  Failure to comply with KYC policies, or necessary information requests; may result in immediate termination of services.

  • All pages on our website are secure
  • All submissions are held in strict confidence
  • We use Secure Email Services based in Switzerland
  • We use Secure Cloud Services based in Switzerland
  • We maintain strict privacy and ethical considerations
  • We strictly vet all clients we do business with
  • We continue vetting clients during our relationship

            In example:  Vetting, we examine with internal KYC procedures clients we do business with and continually apply internal KYC during our relationship. At times we may request clients provide us with additional information on KYC inquiry.  Failing to comply with information requests; which pertain to internal KYC policies, may result in immediate cancellation of all services.   Many of which may not be refunded for failure to comply with KYC requirements.  If we find out during the course of a relationship with a Client that they have misled us into believing matters that was not true; we may immediately cancel services. Many of which may not be refunded for failure to provide us with valid information during the course of a KYC inquiry.

        BC Business Services Inc  originally came into existence in 1994 in Portland, Oregon, maintaining an office for almost 9 years, where we still maintain clients. We have also rented offices in Utah as well as our primary headquarters in Boise, Idaho USA though we have Offices in places such as Panama for our international clients.

        Our clients are quite varied based in various US States and different countries. The President (who  grew up Dyslexic and in Special Education) commonly joking, the number of locations nor clients does not matter after the first.  We service both billion dollar multinational & overseas corporations as well as various individuals who sometimes wonder where money is going to come from.

        The one thing that one will be able to say about our Company is that we are equal opportunists. American, Russian, Latino, Asian, white, black, brown, red, olive skinned or others;  we make no distinction to race nor political affiliations.  Democrat, Republican, Socialist, Liberal or Capitalist.  Right wing, left or living under it, the wing or other particulars that one chooses is of no consequence as long as we are flying in the same direction.  Or if you will; communicating for desired end-results!

        This would also hold true whereby it may pertain to religious affiliations as well.  Irregardless of the faith or to our beliefs in a certain sect.  We have set-up and worked with various religions ; including Krishna, Christian and others. We make no distinction where a sect is concerned. And they all had one particular thing in common; irregardless of their beliefs or ours; we did not charge any of them for the services. So doing we have been gifted at times various internal religious books and otherwise; which pertain to the running of the organization including internal law books; all of which we hold in strict confidence. Not available for public or otherwise inspection.

        BC Business Services Inc. is also an Affiliate of a multinational Registered Agent provider; with clients worldwide. A contract that has been in effect for many years.  Providing services for them on behalf of all Idaho business clients (3,000+). Even so, BC Business Services, Inc. is also a Registered Agent Services provider as well and services various clients doing so.  We do not however, compete with current affiliations and will not undercut prices to do so.  Even so we do recommend them to clients when we are not able to service their needs. Not merely out of respect but due to the simple facts that we respect they will 1. Treat Clients squarely; and 2. Maintain business ethics in doing so.  Both very important to the Corporation with any client or contract that we choose to undertake.

        Over time, BC has rented offices with Attorneys and other professionals and assisted them and other professionals; not only with various business; accounting or other professional & tax services, but also with business formations, and paralegal related matters as well (assisting in filing divorces, bankruptcy and multiple other business or individual matters including research; in both criminal and civil areas).

        On a side note, we do not at this time provide assistance for any bankruptcy filings; including paperwork or other preparation of court documents designated for the US Bankruptcy Courts except though the assistance to a law firm.   We can however assist in gathering necessary information or providing research with Westlaw, Federal and Supreme Court Reporters and others, including providing research and Shepardizing (both electronically or manually at the law library) using publications, necessary to track history of legal cases relating to Bankruptcy and other issues. On this note we have used F.2d publications to date as well as multiple others including the Westlaw Nutshell Series.

        Even so where it pertains to bankruptcy filings, 7, 11, or 13, we do not work in filling out nor typing the forms for individuals.  We are fully capable of doing so and have assisted many times in the past; all of which have been successful, but for professional courtesy, such matters are only undertaken though the assistance of a qualified law firm overseeing it and signing the filing.

        We also do not provide legal or other advice in the areas of Tax Planning, Investing or otherwise. Though we may provide recommendations based on past or present education and or experiences.  This may not apply to overseas offices where we may employ Attorneys on staff.  In the US however, we currently do not employ attorneys or financial advisors but are in process of negotiations with potential candidates to employ in-house counsel; benefiting the oversight and development of legal based business areas.  We will list such services when we finalize such matters.

        "BC is the place to be!"   Keeping this in mind "If we can't do it or get it done, it can't be done.'  A motto which the President developed in 1994.   Other sayings developed by the Corporation over time include "The short-term gain, is not worth the long-term consequences,"  as well as "Ethics are sine qua non vital qualities for growth & expansion in global areas; with empathy maintaining the lead! "  These are not just words on paper; these are the foundations of the Corporation itself and we maintain them in our business dealings; whether in the U.S. or abroad.

        The President has 17+ years of formalized education including study of law, Who's Who mentions and multiple other achievements.  Schooling has included Programming, Computer Operations, and multiple others as well as Dinner Chef and Baking. Employing one time as a Chef on an Exxon Natural Gas Rig in Wyoming USA.  He has also been involved assisting people with legal cases, drafting them, without cost, resulting to effect change to Civil Rights areas; as well as voiding state statutes; revisions to Social Security regulations and others. He has also worked in Banking, a CPA firm; as well as in Corporate Treasury.  

        It should be noted that it is not uncommon for the President  to be involved in multiple occupations at once or attending multiple scholastic matters at the same time. Some may refer to it as gifted, however, growing up Dyslexic he refers to it as normal. With focus on giving back to Society. He has also been in the Navy in the Submarine Fleet as a Storekeeper (Accounting) and received various mentions in business and otherwise study area; including Most Likely to Succeed at University. As well as attending multiple other seminars and various course of study with Berkeley and multiple other schools. Both online as well as brick-and-mortar locations.

        Professional Mentions and memberships in business related areas; are extensive as well as skill sets. Including drafting various business articles.

        He has completed 75% of a Gemological certificate with the International Gem Society (IGS),  and is also involved with continued gemological training with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA. It should be noted that he has been employed while running the Company as a Registered Print Broker, and an Assistant Mathematician Developing Phd level texts in High-Energy Physics.  Utilizing various programme to do so in the Adobe family of products; as well as others including TeX (considered one of the most complicated typographical systems used to Typeset complex mathematical formulae).

        With these mentions you can be sure, we are a company you want to do business with.  We can take you to where you need to be or want  The choice is yours.  Either domestically or globally.  Resolving issues along the way.  For this reason; many clients have referred to us as problem solvers. Though we merely relate it to acceptable use of acquired knowledge to the upward advancement of society; not to the ultimate decimation of the human race.

        It is for this reason, we are also developing a non-profit which may become the foundation for many others.  With focus on global advancement and change!

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Panama Office & Offshore Business Formations

        The Corporation maintains locations including an office in Panama.  Developing it to benefit international clients.  Many services overseen by subsidiary Offshore Business Formations.  The website is down undergoing maintenance. In the meantime please review this link:  https://bcbsinc.com/offshore-business-formation-services/

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        BC Business Services Inc. is the primary contractor for Not Just Stones (headquartered in Boise Idaho USA).  Sales benefit Diwaya Humanitarian News, primary goals).   Not Just Stones was started in 2008 and is currently listed with the GIA as a Distributor of GIA Graded Diamonds as well as Authorized Bench Jeweler (Since 2011) with Stuller.  in business 50+ years is the No. 1 based US Manufacturer of Fine Jewelry; catering to Jewelry Manufacturing & retail Jewelers worldwide.

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