$45.00 Idaho Professional Registered Agent Services

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IDRA- No Mail-1Y
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From BC Business Services Inc
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Limit 1 Company name per registered agent services agreement. 

If you need Registered Agent Services with Optional Mail Forwarding Services, please go here:  Idaho Registered Agent Services with Mail Forwarding Service Options

If all you need is Mail Forwarding Services for use in filing a new company or to add to an existing one, please go here:  USA Mail Forwarding Services

Registered Agent Service Agreements, run from the time ordered until the time noted.  Once ordered, the Client may immediately begin using BC Business Services as it's Registered Agent for Idaho; subject to the Agreements noted below.  

The Address to be listed on any State, Government or Country documents for the registered agent is the following: 

Registered Agent Name:  BC Business Services, Inc.

BC Business Services Inc.
1310 S Vista Ave Ste 27
Boise Idaho USA 83705

The telephone number for the clients record: 
1-503-330-7544 USA

Email for the registered agent is: 

Please contact us if you have questions, need to change contact information, address, or otherwise need to update matters.  

Depending on the service(s) you choose, terms are found below:

See Client Agreements:  
Idaho Registered Agent Services